PROVA and NFL Auction: A Legit Partnership

Do you know what combining PROVA technology with game-used jerseys means? It means you can now own a legit piece of NFL history without worrying about its authenticity. Our ongoing partnership with NFL Auction demonstrates an honest commitment to providing you authentic game-used memorabilia with documented history. No other authentication service provides you with as much data about your collectible as PROVA does. Check out this video where Emmitt himself tells you a little more about the PROVA authentication process.

NFL Auction

How does the SmarTag make your Jaguars jersey smart?

Your authentic game-used jersey has been tagged with a PROVA SmarTag™. This piece of technology provides a link between you and the history of your jersey.

Gone are the days of questionable authenticity. Each piece of information collected by PROVA is stored in our secure online database so you can access information about your jersey anytime.

How can you see your jersey’s unique info?

Now, with PROVA’s ground-breaking app, LEGIT™ you can see the details of your game-used jersey 24/7.

Using the LEGIT app, lucky owners of a game-used jersey tagged with a PROVA SmarTag can see those details immediately right on their Android device. To see your jersey’s history, simply scan the PROVA SmarTag with an NFC-capable Android device equipped with the LEGIT app.


Get Legit!

How do I get LEGIT?

To get started, search #GETLEGIT in the Google™ Play Store, download the app and create an account today. You can also click the icon below to be taken directly to the LEGIT app page.


Want a Certificate of Authenticity?

A Certificate of Authenticity, or COA is the official document of record for each item authenticated by PROVA or any authentication company. To obtain a COA from PROVA for your jersey and to register as its owner, click here and select ”Authentication Request” from the drop menu to begin.



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