PROVATM and Panini America: Trading Cards Get Smart

PROVA Group, Inc., and its founder, NFL all-time leading rusher Emmitt Smith, are proud to team up with Panini America on a true history-making partnership combining Panini America’s industry-leading trading cards with PROVA’s pioneering SmarTag technology. Watch the video to see how Emmitt’s jersey became a part of smart collectible history using PROVA’s game-changing technology.


How does the SmarTag make the Panini Classics and Majestic cards smart?

Beginning with Panini America’s 2016 Flawless Football card series, which released April 12, 2017, every Emmitt Smith game-worn memorabilia card Panini America produces will include a PROVA SmarTag that will unlock unique information about each trading card.

PROVA technology is now included in all Emmitt Smith trading cards part of Panini’s latest card release, Classics and Majestic.

Each SmarTag is tracked in PROVA’s secure online database so you can access information about your card anytime.

Gone are the days of questionable authenticity. The PROVA system provides a digital record permanently attached to your card. Regardless of who owns the card, the history is always recorded and always accessible using your smart device or computer.

How Can You See Your Card’s Unique Info?

Now, with PROVA’s ground-breaking app, LEGIT you can see the details of your collectible Emmitt Smith Panini swatch card 24/7.

Using the LEGIT app, lucky owners of one of these cards (specifically any Emmitt Smith Flawless, Classic or Majestic memorabilia card), can see those details immediately right on their Android device.

This revolutionary tool also creates a link between you and Panini so you can stay in touch to receive exclusive communications and offers linked to your card.


How Do I get LEGIT?

To get started, search #GETLEGIT in the Google Play Store, download the app and create an account today.


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